Help us test a chatbot

Pebble is an experimental chatbot which searches the content of the Sheffield Mental Health Guide to signpost people to local organisations and the support they can provide.

For Pebble to work effectively it needs to ‘learn’ from real conversations and interactions with humans. That’s where we need your help!

Pebble is relatively new and not many people have used it, which means it's not very clever yet. If you could spend just 5 or 10 minutes ‘chatting’ with Pebble, it will pick up on new words and phrases and add them into its database. If you have lived experience of mental health, even better, as it's the turns of phrases used by people like you which will really help Pebble to fly.

Please don’t worry if Pebble appears not to work and keeps asking the same ‘pesky’ question. If you can persevere that would be amazing. Pebble is always learning.

Thanks so much for your time!